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07 Jun 2014

Better Customer Service

By Brian Brandon

ACSIThe American Customer Satisfaction Index rates internet service providers as the most hated business in their index with service disruptions and call center satisfaction at an astonishing low. This Report, which isn’t news for anyone who has internet service in America is interesting because it reinforces our vision. Finally some science to explain our no evil roots!

Back in the dinosaur days, we provided hosted exchange and hosted VoIP but our clients were all suffering from a lack of high speed options. The carriers were slow to adopt new technologies and had a monopolistic attitude. There simply wasn’t a way to use VoIP and Cloud applications without pricey fiber build outs. And in 2013, this remains as true as it did a decade ago.

Enters vUnity dsl bonding technology; a really awesome product with the impressive advantage of using all the existing nationwide dsl infrastructure in a new way. The best part of all, we own it! We can finally treat customers how we ourselves wanted to be treated. It’s a brilliant concept, and we fight for our customers rights every day.

  • We offer a “Cancel Anytime” policy and keep our customers with quality service instead of contracts.
  • We use quality bandwidth and best route selection even though it’s more expensive
  • We respond to outages for customers just as we would respond to them internally. Fast.
  • We include all taxes and fees for a flat monthly rate. No upsells and no swindles.

vUnity will never sacrifice service quality and builds value on a tradition of engineering that other engineers respect. I’m really excited to be a part of vUnity and selfishly have the internet service I always wanted. Finally.


Having to buy an internet connection that costs more than the savings doesn’t. This was the problem for California based Zuit

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