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14 Mar 2017

ATT Hemisphere: Selling Your Secrets

By Brian Brandon

ATT Eagle

It’s recently been disclosed that ATT has not only been monitoring your communications, but parsing your data and selling it for a profit.

Worse yet, we’re just finding out this has been going on for at least a few years..

We’re all asking ourselves how is this possible. And there’s been nothing done to stop it. This real and not tin hat conspiracy stuff.

Yup. It’s really happening. ATT is monitoring your communications and selling your secrets to the highest bidder. If anyone has plans or needs assistance to stop this, we are here to help ongoing projects. As a company and broadband provider we commit to never abusing our customers and protecting their privacy.




15 Jun 2016

Time Warner: Reliable service to about half the internet

By Brian Brandon

We took our shiny new Time Warner Internet connection out for a test ride today.. They’re merging with Charter and supposed to have a great new network. It’s super-fast and all new, allegedly. Maybe our hopes were just too high.. as they say, your disappointments cannot exceed your expectations.

We fire up our speed test engines. iPerf check. Datacenter check. Server ready double check. Go for launch.. we take off and reach a dismal 30Mbps.

We recheck our tools and try again. Same thing. After a battery of tests nothing gets us above 15% of the speed we ordered. We paid for 200 Mbps but we’re only getting 30 Mbps 

We spot the issue, Time Warner is having problems with their carrier named Telia. We route another way but whoops! Same thing! We continue down the list until we find that magical route that gives us our full speed. Why is everyone having problems with Time Warner?

Turns out that’s no real surprise to anyone. Time Warner internet connections do not get you reliably to many destinations on the internet. Over half of all websites do not work reliably via Time Warner Internet service. Yup.

This isn’t a match.com profile, they’re not being selective or discerning by sharing data. They’re not the cool kids. They simply have their hands in everyone’s pocket and want website owners to pay them for reliable access.

All of this comes at a cost to their customers broadband quality. Which resonates badly with us in all of our binary places. We’re an Internet Service Provider.. and our customers trust us to deliver broadband for their mission critical business. We embrace this responsibility and make sure they can communicate across the internet. ALL of the internet. Not just half of it. Jeesh

Refund Please!

13 Jun 2016

Business SMS Service

By Brian Brandon

In the quest to provide better customer support, we use a neat little company called Zipwhip to send and receive text messages from our toll free number. At first we thought it was more of a parlor trick but over the years it’s proved to be a valuable communications tool. We use it constantly and communicate with just about everyone. Customers, field service technicians and even meeting reminders. We found most people prefer SMS communications, even for their businesses.

Which got us thinking.. why don’t we provide the same service to our customers. It’s such a powerful communications tool.

UI Designer Viktor Dolud started on a draft user interface and Sr. Developer Vladimir started on building the SMS Gateway. It’s been about a week and we’re already near a production release. Wow!!

Soon all vUnity Customers will be able to send and receive text messages right from their vUnity Dashboard. If you have our VOIP Product, you will automatically have our SMS Service Texting tool.

And the vUnity team will begin using the same system to communicate with our customers, so it’s guaranteed to be packed with powerful features.

Call or TXT us any time: 1-877-248-5354



15 Jul 2015

Packet Ordering Engines and other networked things.

By Brian Brandon

We think the next big thing is the network technology that connects the applications to the person. So we’re creating a new network protocol that offers a truly unified alternative to traditional TCP.

Specifically Reduced RTT handshake time similar to Google’s QUIC, Network Caching, Enhancements to congestion control and Seamless Multipathing built into a single ultra-reliable network protocol.

Our multipathing initiative is uniquely important to all of us here at vUnity. As avid supporters of MPTCP (the communities brave and innovative development of a standalone multipath protocol) we know that it, like other multi pathing protocols (SCTP) suffer drastic performance problems when using links of different latencies. Multipathing protocols tend to be incompatible with servers not also running the protocol and there are some network transversal issues for the elegantly designed SCTP.

We believe the first step to building a reliable multipath protocol is solve the packet reordering problem. Whereby packets traveling across different internet paths arrive at the destination and are sequenced into order at the same time. Today in our labs, we’ve proven that we are on the front lines of solving out of order packet issues with the development of a new packet pacing engine using a clock drift mechanism.

To all of us here at vUnity, the project could mean better communications for people worldwide. We’re excited to see our latest research in action and we hope to release our technology as a standalone network protocol soon. Our mission to create a better internet is in full effect and nothing is more important than enabling high availability communications worldwide.

Our objectives are bold but I’m optimistic. From all of us hear at vUnity — we hope to complete development and release the project as a standalone protocol soon. More updates to come.

Brian J. Brandon

17 Jun 2015

A Clear Alternative to Clear

By Brian Brandon

On November 6th, Sprint will shut down their 4G WiMax network, ending service to not just people who’d brought it under that name, but anyone using a Clear device. Not only that, they’re offering nothing to Clear customers who are now stuck out in the cold. the only option left to customers whose lifeline to the internet has suddenly been cut off is to buy Sprint’s more-expensive LTE service at full-price, also having to splash out for new equipment.

The writing’s been on the wall for a long time: In 2010, Clearwire Corporation, then an independent telecom, started choking off their data service at peak times, making, in the words of Stop the Cap, “high-bandwidth applications painful or impossible to use.” In the meantime, retroactively changing customers’ terms of service to let them get away with it, while continuing to run ads saying…

Image also from Stop the Cap

Image also from Stop the Cap

This netted them a class-action lawsuit. Sprint brought them in 2012 and renamed them “Clear,” but things only continued to go downhill. The following year, they hiked prices up for their customers while continuing to choke speeds. In 2014, they announced that they would be scaling back their old 4G network, the one Clear customers ran on, to expand their new LTE one. And this spring, they finally gave customers the date it would end.

Why did Clear survive that long in the first place, though? They had one massive selling-point: It was easy to install and, since it ran via satellite, available almost anywhere. In many parts of the country, Clear was the only alternative to the local monopoly, the only solution that didn’t require a massive internal wiring install, or in some rural and remote areas, the only service available. It certainly wasn’t going to offer life-changing quality, but a person who only needed about half a megabit of data down could at least check Facebook and download a few pictures. Unfortunately, that ubiquity also meant some businesses were forced to run with them. The same businesses that will now be having their services abruptly cut.

But when one door closes, another opens. If you have a business that needs a Clear alternative, what better time than now to upgrade to a real service: one that will never throttle your speeds or offer you a deceitful contract. And if you fall outside our service area, we can work with a local telco to get you wired up anyway, at which point our revolutionary custom bonding device can get turn your circuits into a fat pipe of fast, super-reliable, and super-secure internet that your business (high-bandwidth applications and all) can run on without a worry. Check and see if you’re in our service area today. And if you’re not, message or call us anyway, and we’ll see what we can do.