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Technical Information.

Enterprise Ready Equipment

With a lifetime warranty


Solid State

Intel Atom

Six Gigabit
Ethernet Ports

Embedded Linux

Automatic feature

Enterprise Class Reliability

99.999% in 7-10 days

vUnity is a new Ethernet technology that’s more powerful than traditional internet service. The vUnity solution includes a 1U Rack mountable chassis with built in safeguards against failure, Static IP Assignments and unlimited multi-homed (BGP Blended Best Path) bandwidth to turbocharge your business. A professional installation is completed within 7-10 Days and an Ethernet hand-off is provided. vUnity supports all major Firewall & VPN Routers. -- vUnity simply works.

Truly Unlimited

Without limits or usage caps

vUnity is committed to net neutrality and uses only the highest quality bandwidth, such as Level 3 and Hurricane Electric and protects that data further by over provisioning and making use of routers with built in best path selection. There are no filters or traffic shaping anywhere on the vUnity network and customers are encouraged to make use of their data plans.

Real world bandwidth

Restoring integrity to the monopolized market.

vUnity remains committed to your business and provides bandwidth quotes for Goodput (actual achievable throughput speed) without “speeds up to” estimates and marketing gimmicks. To our knowledge, vUnity is the only provider in the United States who quotes a true application level throughput. All other providers, including Time Warner Business Internet, Comcast Business Internet and Megapath guarantee less than 80% of the quoted speed. Please remember to read the fine print of competing products when comparing vUnity service options.

How it works

Layer 3 network aggregation

vUnity is a Multipathed Ethernet solution that comprises of many independently operated T1 grade copper loops, similar to a RAID array for built in safeguards. Each circuit is connected to the powerful 1U Rackmountable vUnity Modem, terminated at a fiber lit DSLAM in the carrier central office and tunneled to the vUnity datacenter for aggregation and failover. This unique topology allows vUnity to multipath each dedicated circuit and maintain a 99.999% uptime guarantee. Operating under AS54014 for truly diverse  and net-neutral best path routing, each circuit is effectively virtualized (v) and then bonded (Unified) together to form one large aggregated pipeline. This is the awesome power of vUnity.

Network Support

Certified Engineers

Network Engineers are available 24x7 to promptly resolve issues without hold times, transfers or further escalations. Every engineer who takes your call will have the training and field experience to resolve your mission critical issue or dispatch an onsite technician. Many onsite technicians also carry wireless failover gear which is provided at no additional cost where available.