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Affordable Business Internet Service.

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Full service


Comprehensive Broadband solution

Installation and equipment included.

vUnity is a full service broadband solution that includes all equipment and a professional installation within 7-10 days. Immediately upon placing an order for service, a vUnity engineer will begin provisioning and notify the authorized contacts on the account via email. This information will include the FedEx tracking number for equipment delivery of the vUnity modem and installation dates. vUnity ensures full customer satisfaction by providing powerful internet service on-time and without complication. No cable internet “site survey’s” here!

Service Term Length.

Our commitment to integrity.

vUnity believes customers should have a choice of their service provider, and respects the evolving demands of your business. For this reason, vUnity collects a service deposit but permits the customer to upgrade, downgrade and cancel at any time without penalty. A three year price guarantee is included in each service agreement. Customers must notify vUnity of service termination at least 30 days prior to cancellation to receive a service deposit refund.

We’re AP Friendly!

Multi-user support.

vUnity understands your business and has developed an innovative system of permitting multiple authorized contacts for each account, which is accessible online with the vUnity Portal system. Whether you’re the billing contact, technical contact, onsite contact or all three, vUnity makes it easy to securely access account details and request support.

Simplified Contracts

Your most reliable vendor

vUnity service agreements are simple and easy to read, without hidden terms or surcharges. vUnity outlines its commitment to your business and defines it’s terms of service in one clear agreement.

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Uptime Guaranteed

99.999% SLA

vUnity encourages the growth of your business by providing the most reliable service on the market today. vUnity uses active monitoring of all customer equipment and responds immediately to network trouble. Onsite technicians are dispatched immediately and billing credits for network issues are automatic. vUnity service is provided with a 99.999% uptime guarantee with a commitment to no more than 5 Minutes of down time per year. vUnity is the only service provider in its class to offer a full service level agreement.

Still not convinced?

Free for thirty days

Try vUnity Business Internet free for thirty days! Cancel for any reason to receive a full refund for broadband service and equipment. vUnity will even pay return shipping charges. More details about the vUnity Business Internet trial offer are included in the service agreement.

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