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13 Jun 2016

Business SMS Service

By Brian Brandon

In the quest to provide better customer support, we use a neat little company called Zipwhip to send and receive text messages from our toll free number. At first we thought it was more of a parlor trick but over the years it’s proved to be a valuable communications tool. We use it constantly and communicate with just about everyone. Customers, field service technicians and even meeting reminders. We found most people prefer SMS communications, even for their businesses.

Which got us thinking.. why don’t we provide the same service to our customers. It’s such a powerful communications tool.

UI Designer Viktor Dolud started on a draft user interface and Sr. Developer Vladimir started on building the SMS Gateway. It’s been about a week and we’re already near a production release. Wow!!

Soon all vUnity Customers will be able to send and receive text messages right from their vUnity Dashboard. If you have our VOIP Product, you will automatically have our SMS Service Texting tool.

And the vUnity team will begin using the same system to communicate with our customers, so it’s guaranteed to be packed with powerful features.

Call or TXT us any time: 1-877-248-5354




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