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vUnity Business Internet Charlotte

26 Jul 2014

vUnity Business Internet Charlotte

208 N CALDWELL ST, Charlotte, NC 28202
(704) 935-3896

You’re the Wall Street of the South. (Miami might be trying to claim that title, but we know it belongs to you.) An ambitious and determined city like you needs a business internet service provider that can keep up. That, of course, would be us.

vUnity is proud to provide the best internet you’ll find without dropping a load of money on fiber. That’s because use broadband bonding, an Ethernet-based technology that lets us combine two to six VDSL circuits, to bring you two to six times the speed and reliability of a normal VDSL line. We’d like to emphasize the reliability, as well: all our plans come with a 99.99% uptime guarantee.

And for the rare occasions when something does go wrong, we have some of the best 24/7 customer service in the business to set it straight. Report a problem, and within an hour, we’ll have someone on-site to fix it. Our technicians know their stuff, too. Feel free to have an online chat with them any time.

Our commitment to our customers continues with our practices: we’ve sworn to uphold Net Neutrality, to never tamper with your speeds, and to never cap your data. Let’s see Time Warner, AT&T, or Windstream promise you that.

And we take your privacy just as seriously. We’ll anonymize your IP addresses, sign non-disclosure agreements with your business, and never share your information with third parties—public or private.

Finally, all of this comes at some of the best prices in the business, with no hidden fees, no annual contracts, and taxes included in your flat, monthly bill. We’ll even install it for you for free. And no fiber hookups means no having to poke around on your property: one procedure and it’s done.

In fact, just to show you it’s as good as we say it is, we’ll give you a free twenty-eight day trial. So get an estimate today. You’ve got nothing to lose.


Call us for sales or support: (704) 935-3896

vUnity Telephone Sales Hours:

Monday9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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Business Internet Charlotte
Business Internet Charlotte
Business Internet Charlotte