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vUnity Business Internet Hartford

26 Jul 2014

vUnity Business Internet Hartford

111 Trumbull St Hartford, CT 06103, USA
(860) 799-4100

Are you tired of the status quo?  Tired of cable monopolies, and internet service providers that choke your speeds and charge you hidden fees while lobbying for the right to give you even worse internet?

We are, too.  That’s why vUnity’s coming to Hartford, and we’re fighting Time Warner, AT&T, and Verizon tooth and nail to bring you better service.  And don’t worry, we’re not like them: we’ve sworn to uphold net neutrality, never tamper with your speeds, and never cap your data.  We just give you fast, reliable internet without the complications.

How do we do it?  Broadband bonding.

With our new Ethernet-based bonding technology, we can join two to six VDSL circuits to give you just as many times the speed.  It lets us promise you bulletproof reliability, too: if one circuit goes out, the rest will just pick up for it.  That’s how we can guarantee 99.99% uptime with all our plans.

But, should anything else go wrong, we’ll have someone out to fix it within an hour.  That’s because we have some of the best 24/7 tech support in the business.  And our representatives really know their stuff, too.  Don’t believe us?  Feel free to ask them a question right in that chat window.

Unlike the monopolies, we look out for our customers’ privacy, too. We’ll anonymize your IP addresses, cover your tracks, and never share your information with third parties.

And we’re giving you all of this at some of the best prices in Connecticut.  With vUnity, there are no annual contracts, no extra charges for hardware or installation, and no limits on your bandwidth.  We’ll even give you a free twenty-eight day trial, just to reassure you it really is that good.

So join us, Hartford, and let’s change things.


Call us for sales or support: (860) 799-4100

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Business Internet Provider Hartford
Business Internet Provider Hartford
Business Internet Provider Hartford