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vUnity Business Internet Brainerd

26 Jul 2014

vUnity Business Internet Brainerd

1014 Laurel St Brainerd, MN 56401
(218) 331-0378

Jeez, Brainerd.  Your internet’s kinda messed up, yah?

…OK, we’ll stop.  But it still needs to be discussed.

Your primary internet service providers, like many across the country, have failed their customers in some of the most basic of ways.  Comcast is known for data caps and rate manipulation. And let’s be honest, Verizon’s customer service is far from the best. Don’t you wish there was an internet service provider that would just give you great speeds at great prices without the drama?

Well, that’s us.

We use broadband bonding to combine two to six VDSL circuits to give you two to six times the speed of a single one. It also lets us guarantee you 99.99% uptime – if one circuit goes out, the rest will take over for it. As a result, all our plans average only four minutes of downtime per year.

And it means we can give you some of the best deals on business internet you’ll find anywhere in Minnesota, with unlimited bandwidth, no overage costs, and no annual plans or cancellation fees. To sweeten the pot even more, all our plans feature full QoS for VoIP, meaning we can power all your business’s phone needs as well, at no extra cost.

At vUnity, we give you the internet all the big ISPs should be providing. That’s why we’re take the fight to Verizon, CenturyLink, and Comcast to prove it. And unlike them, we value net neutrality, a restriction-free internet, and great customer service. Our tech support is fast, friendly, and 24/7. Call us to report a problem, and we’ll have someone out to fix it within an hour.

But don’t have to take our word for it: get an estimate for your business, and we’ll give you a free twenty-eight day trial.


Call us for sales or support: 1-218-331-0378

vUnity Telephone Sales Hours:

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Business Internet Service Provider Brainerd
Business Internet Service Provider Brainerd
Business Internet Service Provider Brainerd