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15 Jun 2016

Time Warner: Reliable service to about half the internet

By Brian Brandon

We took our shiny new Time Warner Internet connection out for a test ride today.. They’re merging with Charter and supposed to have a great new network. It’s super-fast and all new, allegedly. Maybe our hopes were just too high.. as they say, your disappointments cannot exceed your expectations.

We fire up our speed test engines. iPerf check. Datacenter check. Server ready double check. Go for launch.. we take off and reach a dismal 30Mbps.

We recheck our tools and try again. Same thing. After a battery of tests nothing gets us above 15% of the speed we ordered. We paid for 200 Mbps but we’re only getting 30 Mbps 

We spot the issue, Time Warner is having problems with their carrier named Telia. We route another way but whoops! Same thing! We continue down the list until we find that magical route that gives us our full speed. Why is everyone having problems with Time Warner?

Turns out that’s no real surprise to anyone. Time Warner internet connections do not get you reliably to many destinations on the internet. Over half of all websites do not work reliably via Time Warner Internet service. Yup.

This isn’t a match.com profile, they’re not being selective or discerning by sharing data. They’re not the cool kids. They simply have their hands in everyone’s pocket and want website owners to pay them for reliable access.

All of this comes at a cost to their customers broadband quality. Which resonates badly with us in all of our binary places. We’re an Internet Service Provider.. and our customers trust us to deliver broadband for their mission critical business. We embrace this responsibility and make sure they can communicate across the internet. ALL of the internet. Not just half of it. Jeesh

Refund Please!


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