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VOIP Service

High Definition Voice

With Enterprise Features

The world’s most reliable Voice Service

Backed with a 99.999% uptime guarantee

vUnity Enterprise Voice is the most reliable VOIP Service on the market with guaranteed call quality. vUnity uses advanced QoS mechanisms for broadband subscribers to guarantee seamless call quality and active/active PBX servers to ensure your businesses mission critical phone service is always available.

reliable Voice Service
High Definition Voice

Unlimited High Definition Voice

The latest wideband codecs

vUnity understands communications are critical and call clarity is key. That’s why vUnity Enterprise Voice service is UNLIMITED to all 50 States and uses the new wideband G.722 codec for high definition voice. High definition voice is standard on all vUnity Phones and PBX systems to provide your business with unlimited crystal clear calling.

Built for Teams

With over 100+ Features

The feature richness of vUnity is unmatched. Using the web interface, customers can configure call forwarding, forwarding to mobile, call queues, auto attendant greetings and hundreds of other settings. The vUnity web interface also provides user delegation and permissions for multi user environments.

Built for Teams

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vUnity Enterprise Voice

Further Information is available in the vUnity Brochure including additional call features and detail. For pre-sales technical or service related questions call 1-877-248-5354

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High Definition Voice

Fully Refundable Trial

It’s that simple

vUnity service agreements are simple and easy to read, without hidden terms or surcharges. vUnity outlines its commitment to your business and defines it’s terms of service in one clear agreement. A fully refundable trial is included as standard in all vUnity service offerings. Try vUnity Broadband or Enterprise Voice Service and cancel within 30 Days for a full refund.

We're now a Polycom Certified Partner

vUnity’s mission to exceed your expectations

Our cutting-edge broadband and PBX systems are paired with Certified Polycom products to provide guaranteed reliability with end to end protection for your mission critical business communications. vUnity is a fully accredited Polycom Partner with direct access to manufacture support and we provide immediate equipment replacements under our lifetime warranty.

Built for Teams

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