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28 May 2015

vUnity is now a Polycom Certified Partner!

By Brian Brandon



Polycom is a world leader in VoIP and video communications. They’re delivering some of the most innovative communications products on the market today, and we’re eager join them.

“That’s nice,” I hear you ask, “but what does it mean for me?”

We’re now fully accredited to supply their cutting-edge VoIP and audiovisual technologies, and to receive full support for any feature requests and enhancements our growing customer base needs. When you buy a VoIP phone from vUnity, you can rest assured you’re dealing with a company with direct access to the manufacturer and all the tools we need to make sure your network gets set up and managed as efficiently as possible.

And all the benefits we’re getting out of this deal, we’re passing directly on to you.

That means…

  • Lower equipment costs for vUnity customers.
  • Prioritized tech support: with a direct line to Polycom’s support infrastructure, we can much more effectively implement, manage, and troubleshoot our customers’ VoIP phones.
  • Our early access to cutting edge software means your software updates will be far smoother.
  • A full refund policy and lifetime warranties on all Polycom equipment purchased though us. Even if you transfer to another provider, we can replace your damaged hardware at no cost.

We also have access to their testing labs, sales resources and promotions, all of which will just go to further drive down the cost of your next VOIP deployment.

This is a crucial step in vUnity’s mission to exceed your expectations and deliver seamless broadband and voice deployments, and we’re sure this partnership will be a long and beneficial one: not just for us, but for you.


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